Analysis: Another Missed Chance For GOP To Engage With Latinos

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“As the legislative session comes to a close, the failure to quickly move on a bill addressing the crisis on the border – along with the fact that immigration legislation was not even brought to a vote – is another missed opportunity for Republicans to present a new face to Latinos going into the midterm elections in November.”

Analysis: Could Labrador Bring Latinos To The GOP?

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The Two Sides of Arizona’s SB1070

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two sides


“The film covers the familiar yet powerful stories of the state’s Latino immigrants, who were already subjected to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s sweeps before passage of the controversial law. One husband and father in the film is swept up and spends months in jail; he is later released while he awaits deportation proceedings, while others are not that lucky.”

Politics Starts Locally: The Legacy Of The ‘Mothers of East L.A.’

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The actions by these unlikely women activists was both profound and inspiring to many. As minority women asserting power in an arena dominated largely by men, they faced the daunting task of managing their identities as political actors that is often in contradiction with their expected roles as Hispanic mothers.

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I am sad to say that NBC Latino has been dismantled and most of the folks I used to work for in New York are no longer with NBC Universal. However, Sandra Lilley and Suzanne Gamboa still remain, and I will be working with them to write pieces for the newly furnished NBC News website.  My articles will usually fall in the Latino section of the website, but will also be posted on the front page from time to time.  Both Sandra and Suzanne are amazingly talented. I have great confidence in their stewardship of the evolving footprint of Latino stories at NBC.  Below is my first piece for NBC News. 


The Two Sides of Arizona’s SB1070

Opinion: Wanted – more Latino leaders

“Thanks to the Republican Party’s insistence in treating Latinos as outsiders in our own country, a sense of unity has emerged out of this political environment, and Latinos are now articulating a political identity that is more unified than ever.”

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It’s ironic that in this next Latino century a discussion about leadership should be devoid of any mention of actual leaders. Anna Giraldo Kerr asked several Latinos about the state of Latino leadership in the United States and came up with little in way of who “our” leader is.

This isn’t surprising.  Pew Research’s Hispanic Trends Project published a study a few years ago, which found that almost sixty-five percent of Latinos have no conception of who the most important Latino leader in the country might be.

This is unfortunate and should change.

Throughout much of the 1990’s academics struggled against the misinformed view that Latinos were a unified and homogenous group in the United States, perhaps a consequence of the overwhelmingly Mexican story in the Southwest and Cuban and Puerto Rican histories back East.

However, it’s almost cliché today that we are careful not to assume some cohesive national…

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Analysis: For Ted Cruz, crusading for 2016

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After forty-one fruitless attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Senator Ted Cruz’ crusade has many in the media discussing and dissecting what his endgame is.  Without any chance of passing a bill through the Senate – let alone the President’s desk- that would defund Obamacare, Senator Cruz seems to have demonstrated a unique talent for angering everyone in Washington – including quite a few members of his own party.

The Senator’s quixotic attempts to repeal Obamacare and anger everyone in Washington are hardly a conventional approach for anyone considering a run for the Presidency in 2016.  And unlike Senator Marco Rubio – who has backed off his own crusade against Obamacare despite the gratuitous rhetoric – Senator Ted Cruz seems to believe what he is saying.

But there are good reasons for Senator Cruz to take this approach.

First, Senator Cruz is taking an unconventional approach because he…

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Opinion: Boomers need immigration reform

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The tax burden to support our aging population will fall increasingly on Latinos.  More than half the births last year were to non-white parents, and Hispanics make up the youngest significant demographic in the country, with the median age of Hispanics hovering around 28 years. Alternatively, more than 80 percent of the senior citizens in this country are non-Hispanic whites,  and the large baby boomer generation will be with us until the 2040’s.  The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reports that Social Security and Medicare take up a staggering share of our national budget, with 22 percent going to Social Security and about 14 percent going to Medicare. Combined, these programs make up almost twice our profoundly bloated military budget.

More than ever, a college degree is a prerequisite for participation in the workforce – the folks who will be shoring up our tax base. These numbers profoundly underscore the…

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Opinion: Fighting for equal rights – within our community

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As we reflect on the state of civil rights in the country on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous speech in Washington D.C., the focus has rightly been on the progress we have made since that day. But while we should certainly reflect on this progress as a country, we should not allow this to lose sight of the progress still to be made within our communities.

The story of civil rights in the past often blurs our vision of the future because we view this issue dominantly in black and white terms and with hardly any mention of gender.

The civil rights struggle was and is not only about power structures that privilege whites over blacks, from our justice system to education. But as minorities gradually become integrated into the decision-making process of our democracy we must be vigilant not to assume that minorities are not susceptible to…

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