Opinion: Wanted – more Latino leaders

“Thanks to the Republican Party’s insistence in treating Latinos as outsiders in our own country, a sense of unity has emerged out of this political environment, and Latinos are now articulating a political identity that is more unified than ever.”

NBC Latino

It’s ironic that in this next Latino century a discussion about leadership should be devoid of any mention of actual leaders. Anna Giraldo Kerr asked several Latinos about the state of Latino leadership in the United States and came up with little in way of who “our” leader is.

This isn’t surprising.  Pew Research’s Hispanic Trends Project published a study a few years ago, which found that almost sixty-five percent of Latinos have no conception of who the most important Latino leader in the country might be.

This is unfortunate and should change.

Throughout much of the 1990’s academics struggled against the misinformed view that Latinos were a unified and homogenous group in the United States, perhaps a consequence of the overwhelmingly Mexican story in the Southwest and Cuban and Puerto Rican histories back East.

However, it’s almost cliché today that we are careful not to assume some cohesive national…

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