Opinion: Boomers need immigration reform

My latest for NBC Latino…

NBC Latino

The tax burden to support our aging population will fall increasingly on Latinos.  More than half the births last year were to non-white parents, and Hispanics make up the youngest significant demographic in the country, with the median age of Hispanics hovering around 28 years. Alternatively, more than 80 percent of the senior citizens in this country are non-Hispanic whites,  and the large baby boomer generation will be with us until the 2040’s.  The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reports that Social Security and Medicare take up a staggering share of our national budget, with 22 percent going to Social Security and about 14 percent going to Medicare. Combined, these programs make up almost twice our profoundly bloated military budget.

More than ever, a college degree is a prerequisite for participation in the workforce – the folks who will be shoring up our tax base. These numbers profoundly underscore the…

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