Opinion: For Republican presidential hopefuls, Iowa may cause more problems than it’s worth

My latest post for NBC Latino…

NBC Latino

Iowa Republicans are out of touch with America and the GOP should do itself a favor and stop pandering to conservatives in that state.

Aspiring politicos travelled to Iowa to talk politics with conservative Christians and discuss the state of the country, with the list of topics hitting all the right-wing notes ranging from the unreasonable to the impressively imaginative.

Repealing Obamacare, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, charges of gay conspiracy theories and apocalyptic threats to the nation due to immigration make up the range of what passes for political discourse among Iowa conservatives nowadays.

This might have been fine 60 years ago, but Iowa Republicans are increasingly rural, overwhelmingly white, and statistically aging. In other words, Iowa Republicans are going in one direction and the rest of the country is headed 180 degrees the other way.

The results can sometimes be embarrassing. When Rick Santorum was giving his stump…

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