Opinion: 3 reasons why immigration bill should pass House-and 1 reason it won’t

NBC Latino

There are three good reasons immigration reform should pass, even for conservatives, but one important reason why it won’t.

The first reason immigration reform should pass is democratic in nature. As the House of Representatives takes on immigration reform, it is important for the Republican Party to address the existential crisis it faces because of the demographic shifts in the population.

About 5 million fewer whites voted in 2012 compared to 2008, while almost 2 million more Latinos voted in that same time period.  With the median age of Latinos at 28 years old, and the median age for whites at 42, the ethnic divide facing the GOP is also starkly generational.

None of these facts bode well for a party in which over 90% of its primary voters in 2012 were white, and the problem won’t get any better, as minorities made up a majority of the…

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