Analysis: Why Republican Latino faces uphill battle in MA Senate race

My latest post for NBC Latino…

NBC Latino

Republican Gabriel Gomez faces a steep challenge in Tuesday’s special election in Massachusetts to replace former Democratic Senator John Kerry, who resigned to become Secretary of State.

A recent poll by Emerson College reported that Democratic Congressman, Ed Markey, was leading Gomez by double digits before the Massachusetts Senate special election on Tuesday.

The results of the polls are consistent with the strong democratic leanings of the liberal state, which voted strongly for President Obama in 2012 and returned the Senate seat back to a democrat when they elected Elizabeth Warren.

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With low voter turnout expected, which will strongly favor Mr. Markey, there are few who believe Mr. Gomez will win. But the Massachusetts Senate race drew national attention largely because of the peculiarity of the Latino Republican candidate. With Mitt Romney’s loss among all ethnic groups…

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