Opinion: Assimilation is a two-way street

NBC Latino

Ever since the late Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington wrote his famous article “The Hispanic Challenge,” conservatives have felt validated by their impulse that Latinos don’t assimilate into American society like past immigrants do.

Most damaging was that Huntington’s hefty credibility as a respected academic mainstreamed the fear being flamed by the anti-immigrant cottage industry.

While scholars have countered Huntington’s scholarship since then, that hasn’t stopped the persistence of the myth.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported a list of the ways today’s immigrants are following similar patterns of assimilation as past groups, such as the Italians.

From language attainment to home ownership, today’s immigrants are surpassing their forefathers in achieving the American Dream.  And a report from ABC News/Univision points to studies that find Hispanics assimilating faster than some other groups did in the past when it comes to learning English.

While Italian and Latin-origin migrations are occurring within…

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