Opinion: Racism and the GOP

NBC Latino

Republicans who keep saying that the GOP isn’t racist should ask themselves, why is it that racists today are almost always Republican?

When South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced her statewide steering committee, it was noted that Cuban-American member, Roan Garcia-Quintana, had ties to the Council of Conservative Citizens. (Garcia-Quintana was asked to resign by Haley after some of his comments surfaced, Haley said there was no room for “racially divisive rhetoric).  The CCC states one of their key principles is their opposition to “all efforts to mix the races of mankind”.

So let’s go with racist assumptions for a bit and accept that, as Heritage Foundation’s now unemployed eugenics economist Jason Richwine writes on page 74 of his dissertation, “The racial rank order of these differences is almost always the same, with whites intermediate and Asians and blacks at the extremes.  For example, magnetic resonance…

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One thought on “Opinion: Racism and the GOP

  1. coriewhalen

    “Illegal is illegal” is a libertarian soundbite? That’s news to me. On balance, libertarians are more for open borders than virtually any other political ideology in the US. Open immigration policies are conducive to free markets. Perhaps the author is confusing libertarians with paleoconservaties, who tend to have a more protectionist view of economics. Not to contend, of course, that holding that economic view (which is also common among Democrats) makes them racist. Overall, this article seems like a bit of a stretch. Sure, there’s fringe elements of racism in the GOP, but it’s surely not limited to that political party exclusively. Since we’re talking about Nikki Haley, perhaps it’s worth recalling what the SC Democratic Party Chairman recently said. Haley should “Go back to wherever the hell she came from.” The racist undertones there are astounding. Unfortunately for the ignorant Chairman, Governor Haley, an Indian-American Republican, is FROM South Carolina. So she’ll be staying put.

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