Opinion: Tea Party cries “foul,” President Obama buckles

NBC Latino

For a president who is supposedly antagonistic to the Tea Party, he sure buckles quickly at the first signs of protest.  President Obama has spent the last six years enacting Republican policies, from “Romneycare” to the “war on terror” to his mass deportation of immigrants, with little to show for it but a continued unwillingness to cooperate by the Right.

And with the Tea Party folks crying foul when it was revealed that the IRS was “targeting” conservative groups, it’s a wonder he was so quick to find someone’s head to put on a stake in the hopes that he can mollify the faux-outrage of the GOP.

It may have been excusable early in President Obama’s term to call the drones on Shirley Sherrod, the State Director of Rural Development for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, when Andrew Breitbart took her comments about race out of context and cast…

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