Opinion: IRS office targeted Tea Party, but minorities have been targets for much longer

NBC Latino

The perception that the IRS targeted conservative groups is certainly cause for concern, but liberal folks like Jon Stewart and Chris Matthews should stop hyperventilating on the perception of political targeting and look more closely on what this extra scrutiny actually looked like.

Placed in its proper historical context, far more egregious government infiltration has been going on in the minority community for years without much concern from the media, much less the GOP.

These folks have rolled over too quickly in seizing this opportunity to appear impartial, but instead are feeding the right wing machine looking for any chance to put on their Benghazi circus act.  I’m not yet clear on why this was somehow a miscarriage of justice beyond some overzealous officials scrutinizing a sudden influx of political action groups seeking tax-exempt status.

It’s ironic that the government has been targeting minority groups for years, yet it’s not…

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