Opinion: Same old tired voices against immigration reform

My latest for NBCLatino

NBC Latino

One of the more curious observations of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on immigration this week was the dynamic and broad support for immigration reform by the religious communities, business advocates and civil rights groups.

And perhaps just as curious has been the staleness and unoriginality of the anti-immigrant panelists, Kris Kobach, Mark Krikorian and Steve Camarota.

This dog and pony show by the fringe right has come with the usual bag of tricks.  Terrorism? Check. Border security? Check. Economic drain? Check.

Never mind that an immigration system that facilitated movement across borders and encouraged participation would make us safer against terrorism, make securing the border easier, and would increase economic activity. Kobach, Krikorian, and Camorata would have us believe that insisting on enforcing an immigration system nobody wants to participate in somehow makes genius sense for the safety of the country.

About the only thing interesting I can say…

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