Opinion: Petrodollars will continue to dominate our relationship with Venezuela

My latest for NBC Latino…

NBC Latino

Hugo Chavez is dead, but his oil lives. A man who evoked a prism of emotions, from those looking down on Latin America with scorn for his anti-American rhetoric to those who yearned that his democratic message may infect our complacent masses, Chavez was a divisive symbol of our changing relationship with our continental neighbors.

An oil tycoon American leftists could love, a member of the one percent now at rest with over a billion dollars to his name, and countless admirers from the ninety-nine percent in this game called politics, Chavez was both villain and hero of the Americas.

It’s difficult to find a more polarizing international figure in American politics than Hugo Chavez. His reckless personality and charismatic charm forced Americans to confront our foreign policy in a way no other Latin country has. His single-minded drive to resist American pressure and his embrace of our enemies…

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