Opinion: No one talks about the armed guards already in Latino schools

My latest for NBC Latino..

NBC Latino

Someone should ask the principled anti-gun responders why there is so much outrage at the thought of armed guards in schools when school districts throughout California and elsewhere, particularly where Latino and black children go to school, have had armed police forces dedicated to patrolling their schools for years now.

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner wrote in US News that the National Rifle Association’s solution to gun violence was an “unequivocal message” that the NRA is not willing to end gun violence and that they are committed to policies that will kill our children. Well, fine, but what was the unequivocal message to minorities and the poor when those same policies have been accepted as a matter of practice in their neighborhoods? Where’s was the outrage then?

When Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, suggested that a meaningful response to the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary…

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