Opinion: Temporary victory for Mexican-American studies in Arizona

My latest from NBC Latino…

NBC Latino

After the defeat of the GOP in the last election, Republicans declared they are on a new mission to broaden their appeal to the middle class and to minorities. However, the focus of the GOP discussion has been less about a candid look at why their policies are unpopular, and more about how they can push the same agenda with a different message.

Moving forward, Senator Marco Rubio spoke at the Jack Kemp Foundation dinner where he emphasized three basic tenets of contemporary Republicanism; low taxes, small government, and good paying jobs.

While this message is fine on its own, the GOP needs to be aware of how this philosophy has often had negative consequences for minorities in practice. The message of limited government or states rights has mostly been used as a means to an end, an end in which minorities are left without protection against the white majority.

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