Opinion: America isn’t really ready to discuss gun control

My thoughts after the NRA press release… and a question Latinos should be asking pro-gun Republicans…

NBC Latino

The NRA released their much-anticipated statement on the Newton tragedy today, in which the head of the NRA called for arming teachers. The overwhelming response from the anti-gun crowd was of disappointment, shock even, that the NRA’s response to Sandy Hook would be pro-gun.

The president has called for a national discussion on gun control, and I’m sure the NRA would take this call seriously if the president began the discussion by suspending the armed security detail of each Congressman and declaring each building which he resides in a “gun free zone.” Until the secret service is armed with whistles and yellow vests with shiny pockets, I don’t expect the NRA to change their tune either.

Much of the talk surrounding gun control was hopeful that the Newton massacre was a “game changer” in the discussion over gun control, but Pew Research Center released data yesterday outlining why that isn’t…

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