Nation’s largest scholarship gift for undocumented students is announced

NBC Latino

Life has just changed for “Dreamer” Uriel Rivera, who worked really hard and excelled in high school despite many sacrifices as the son of an undocumented family of limited means.  He was accepted and became a student at the prestigious University of California at Berkeley. Rivera could not keep up with the tuition, since he did not qualify for federal grants, loans or work-study programs due to his “Dreamer” status.  Rivera had to drop out.

Today, the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, a philanthropic family organization, announced it was giving UC Berkeley one million dollars in scholarship money for Rivera and almost 200 other undocumented students at the university, making this the nation’s largest scholarship gift for Dreamers.   The undocumented students who will receive the funds come from 20 different countries, including Bolivia, Mexico, Korea, Poland and Japan. Their average family income is $24,000.  About sixty percent…

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