Opinion: GOP “Akin” for punishment

My latest post at NBC Latino.

Apparently, rape is a form of contraception. At least according to the logic of one Missouri candidate for Congress, Todd Akin. But the ensuing furor over such a preposterous conclusion within the GOP leaves one wondering why similar forms of logic are not only ignored, but embraced by the party.

Creationism, a religious belief that a mythical figure created the universe, completely devoid of any scientific evidence, should be taught as a viable alternative to current scientific theory.

Immigrants come to this country because “magnets,” such as welfare, attract them here, or because they want to “drop and leave” their babies so they become an “anchor” into the country.

Welfare recipients, who are black of course, are drug addicts mooching off taxpayers to support their habit, so its stands to reason that they should be subject to drug testing before they can collect their benefits.

The gays will destroy civilization, literally, if they are allowed equal benefits under the law.

It’s no wonder Akin was taken off guard by the political fallout for his stupidity. It runs rampant in his circles. The dumber the better.

zygote is no different from a human being. Brilliant.

Latinos are Republicans, they just don’t know it. Right.

And this, folks, is the Party of reason. Just the facts ma’am.

It’s a mystery how it got to this. I understand how Republican white men and their shrinking status is a major problem that has been a part of the the GOP strategy since at least the Nixon administration. That just makes sense. But underlying these falsehoods is an explicit push to capitalize on ignorance for the sake of what? Lower taxes?

The GOP seems to now consist of two types of people. Those who believe in anything that defies logic but assures them of their own moral superiority or hubris, and those who tolerate such ignorance on the good bet that they will get tax cuts on the back end as a consequence. They are even running normal people out of the Party in favor of anti-immigrant heroes under federal investigation for civil rights violations.

And virtually zero percent of black folks plan on voting for Mitt Romney. Zero. They’re not all on welfare. Two-thirds of Hispanics are poised to do the same. And about forty percent of whites plan on voting for President Obama. I’m no math major, but this spells doom for the future of the GOP. Even Haley Barbour, the Governor of Mississippi and most certainly not a wishy washy liberal, has noticed.

For the first time in a generation, the Republican representative will accept his nomination without a single win in the GOP primary from the South until April. White males who are looking to the Republican Party as their redeemer are losing their grip on power, and as a result, losing their minds. But all you have left are the Machiavellian interests of these folks, and zealots of one form or another. Even scarier, it might just work.

This is not healthy for democracy. It’s certainly not healthy for blacks or Latinos that they feel they have no options, and if you have seen how dysfunctional a single party state can be, one need not look any further than California, where the California delegation to the Republican Convention will be led by none other than former governor Pete Wilson.

That’s the best the party has left in California. Fifteen years after they went whole hog after the growing Latino population, the Party digs deep into the bench and they come up with General Custer. That’s amazing.

The reality, instead of the standard fare about Latinos the GOP is pushing, is that Latinos are black, they just don’t know it. They are similarly poor. Similarly denied equal opportunity to the resources necessary for a decent education and good jobs. Similarly vilified for anything from being overly sexual to overly violent. If coalitions between these folks can be built upon existing structures in the Democratic Party, this is a major problem for the GOP, voter ID laws not withstanding.

There are certainly reasons not to cast a vote for President Obama, especially if you are Latino. But when you look at the political landscape and see those like Kris Kobach and Anthony Perkins peddling the irrationality that is embraced by the GOP, what’s the alternative?


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