In the News

I was on MSNBC’s NewsNation with Tamron Hall to talk about Governor Jan Brewer’s executive order reaffirming state law that bars undocumented immigrants from state resources… click the pic


One thought on “In the News

  1. Roberto

    Once again your stance on the issue of illegal immigration is just more loony self serving arrogance.

    Jan Brewer is enforcing laws meant to protect a community of US citizens; a kind of community organizer who understands the importance of having and following laws.

    You on the other hand, advocate breaking US laws because these laws do not align with your own personal belief system.

    The new brainwashing technique is to rename illegal immigrants to undocumented immigrants. I don’t fall for that because the next thing you know you and others will be advocating calling Latino drug dealers undocumented pharmacists – LOL.

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