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Stephen Nuño, a professor of political science at Northern Arizona University, explains that “George Lopez is well liked and widely recognized, as is Eva Longoria. President Obama’s immigration policy does present problems, but Latinos like Lopez and Longoria are sure to follow the Democrat’s messaging, blaming Republican intransigence on the issue.”

“It’s not only convenient to take advantage of current partisan loyalties, but it’s also largely true. “

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“I’m not that big of a fan of the NRA because they care less about good policy and more about the free flow of firearms,” says NBC Latino contributor and Arizona resident Stephen Nuño, who owns several guns and says he is very protective of the right to bear arms.  He adds that lobbies like the NRA which advocate gun safety should know better than supporting laws such as “Stand Your Ground.”

Latina sexuality just another commodity

Longoria and Vergara are both beautiful women.  Hardly resistible. I am sure the money, too, is difficult for them to resist.  But their roles are detrimental to Latinas and to society as a whole when they unwittingly play into the narrative of the Latino Threat. As the father of three girls, their message is loud and clear that Latina sexuality is yet another commodity that can be leveraged for fame and fortune. They should be smarter than that.

The Republican Dreamless Act, the best deal in town

One of the more demoralizing observations about the immigration debate is the fact that we have an immigration system that has worked relatively well over the last three decades.

It’s a difficult fact to confront, and not a very easy claim to make as a professor who studies Latino politics. But it’s a simple statement to support if you only think about who benefits most from our current immigration system.

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Stephen Nuño, a political scientist writing a book on Republican Latino outreach and an NBC Latino contributor, says Santorum’s “faith and hope may be emotionally gratifying, but at the end of the day, you need to deliver voters to win an election.”

“Santorum’s campaign has been running on fumes and prayers for a long time now,” Nuño adds.

Trayvon Martin, white privilege and the death of a friend

“To those of us committed to a liberal democracy, Joel Olson presented a disturbing challenge to confront. He forced us to be conscious of the mechanisms of privilege, and dared us to live in a truly equal world. He wrote, “No privilege held can compare to a world in which privilege does not exist”.

Rest in peace my friend.”