“AZ Racist Girls”- Mea Culpa

Well, good for them.  Not unlike adults, teenagers are impressionable people and can be easily influenced to say stupid things.  It was a mistake, but they owned up to it, assuming these are the same girls.  Perhaps this is a genuine apology and they will truly learn from it, perhaps its just a case of them getting caught.  Its not easy admitting you did something stupid.  People mess up and are not always willing to own up to it. I am reminded by a recent event where an adult failed to take responsibility for his actions, State Representative Scott Bundgaard.

Scott Bundgaard finally got a chance to tell his side of the story.

And, in a way, he did. Facing censure, or perhaps even expulsion, by his state Senate colleagues for his role in a violent fight last winter with his girlfriend on a freeway, Bundgaard was moments away on Friday from testifying in his Senate Ethics Committee hearing.

Rather than testify, he walked out of the hearing room for lunch and never came back. Instead of clearing the air, he left it to his attorney to announce he had resigned his seat in the Legislature.

Perhaps the grown-ups can learn something here, too. Peace.


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