The GOP Debates and Immigration

Immigration Prof Blog summarizes the talking points on immigration from the the GOP candidates. Perry and Gingrich have the most polished responses, and despite getting blasted for his policies, Perry is more in line with the majority of the country on this than the others, though the GOP is obviously skewed on this issue. It will be difficult for Perry to walk back his policy, since this is a long-standing stance of his and its the right one for the benefit of his State. McCain had a moment in the campaign where he turned his back on his own immigration reform act, but that policy failed to make it through Congress. Perry would have a harder time than McCain pivoting on the issue, and it seems Perry’s camp thinks they can weather the storm on this issue. Maybe he can, maybe it will be his undoing in this crowd. Its hard to tell this early, but if there is no clear connection between Perry’s demise and his stance on this issue, that will be a major dent in the anti-immigrant movement. This has the potential for being significant in the debate in the near future on immigration policy.


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