Who is more obsessed with race?

[tweetmeme source=”stephenanuno” only_single=false]Some statistical analysis by Nate Silver on which media types mention race more often. There is a persistant gripe that progressives are obsessed with race, and while there is certainly preoccupation with issues of power surrounding racial disparities, its clear that racial inequalities, or denial of them, is a big issue for everyone along the political spectrum. There is certainly room for criticism of this study, timeframe, sample selection, categorization, etc., but its a start. There is plenty of academic work on this and how race relations are presented by the media, but not much of it is very accessible.  His conclusions are below. Go to his website for more.

— Conservative political websites almost certainly talk about racism more frequently than non-partisan political websites.
— Liberal political websites probably also talk about racism more often than non-partisan political websites.
— We cannot say with a great deal of confidence that conservative political websites talk about racism more frequently than do liberal political websites, although this is more likely than not.
— Sites which concentrate mostly on domestic politics very probably talk about racism more often than those with a broader focus.
— There is not an obvious causal relationship between the business model and the frequency of mentions of race. Although, as a matter of fact, ‘new media’ websites do talk about racism quite a bit more often than old media websites, this is likely driven by factors other than the respective business models themselves. However, a more complete study would need to look at other mediums beyond web publishing, and in particular television.


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