The invisible crop worker we find so repugnant

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We often bite into our produce with nary a thought about the work that goes into bringing that strawberry to our table.  We often forget, though, that crop workers are in one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.  With little education and resources, its often the only job they can get.  With a law that absolves the industry from overtime laws and with half of the industry workers being undocumented, they have little power in protecting themselves.  Pushed to the brink, like mules, by their employers the migrant worker lives in fear not of his or her boss, but of losing the dream, letting down their family.  Its worth risking one’s life to be here. Its worth the risk to send money back home. Its the beauty of our country.  Its the tragedy of hope.  We should celebrate this spirit, not stomp on it like a spoiled bully.


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