The bi-modal model of salary distribution for law school grads

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Lot of discussion about this. Worth considering if you are an undergrad thinking about law school and borrowing over 100K to finance your JD. I tell my students there are only a few reasons one should go to law school, 1) they have an immediate family member in the business who is committed to hiring them, 2) they get high LSAT scores and into a top tier program, 3) their parents are rich and will pay for it, 4) they don’t mind being poor practicing the law they love.  There are certainly outlier personalities who have a shot, like the go-getting entrepreneurs, but in general, if you don’t fit into one of the categories above, you should look elsewhere.  My other piece of advice is to pay the money up front to take classes to get as high an LSAT as possible.  If you can’t or won’t drop the 1k or 2k to take a class or two, you aren’t committed enough or have the resources to go into law school to begin with. Be brutally frank about yourself now, because if you don’t someone else will later at a large price tag.


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