Hate Crime in Arizona?

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An update from ImmigrationProf Blog on a hate crime against a US citizen in Phoenix who happens to be Latino. I am not a particular fan of the concept of hate crimes.  I don’t know of any murder that happened out of kindness.  Sure, I’m missing the point to mock, but I’ll reserve serious thoughts for later. Regardless, this is a sad story. Read through the blog post for more information, in particular a link to evidence that the rise in anti-Latino violence is correlated to the growth in rhetoric against Latino immigrants.  This makes intuitive sense, and our leaders should be more careful about their bantering because of this, but as with SB1070 itself, the real crime is the indifference that our policy-makers and our majority voting public have toward our weakest citizens.


One thought on “Hate Crime in Arizona?

  1. a minor crime you overlook in your post is the mischaracterization of how to “tell” a racist: apparently, a person who has had Thanksgiving with Latinos is not racist against Latinos, at least according to Ana Gutierrez, former neighbor to the shooter. Reminds me of the whole “I have black friends…” statement.

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