Governor Perry and Immigration Reform

Its interesting that Governor Perry is widely favorable among the more right-leaning in the GOP, yet for all the rhetoric among some states in support of Arizona’s SB1070 law, Perry has largely sidestepped the issue. In the linked story he is addressing the National Council of La Raza and he blames Arizona’s law on the porous border, without specifically coming out in favor of SB1070. Why the more conciliatory tone in Texas, but not Arizona?


2 thoughts on “Governor Perry and Immigration Reform

  1. I would point to a few things that make Perry's stance for Texas different. (He would be 100% for SB1070 if he lived here.) FIrst, the length of the Texas-Mexico divide is simply too large, and too heavily populated with Mexican-Americans. Further, Gov. Perry won his last term with less than 40% of the vote against a field of terrible candidates. Bill White has some game. If he can tie SB1070 to Gov. Perry, and carry the Hispanic vote, he has a realistic shot.

  2. Right, and I think thats the type of calculation that the GOP in AZ is desperately trying to avoid. Hence all the focus on institutional barriers. Its largely futile, but when you're in power you think you have control over these things. Plus, its there is still electoral advantage in it. As with Perry, we see that won't last too long. Thanks for your comment.

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