Nephew of Justice Thomas tasered

The nephew of Supreme Court Justice Thomas was apparently punched and tasered. He is an epileptic and was having a seizure.


3 thoughts on “Nephew of Justice Thomas tasered

  1. As the son of my father, the first thing that comes to mind is, "why is he f'ing around getting tased by cops". I'll keep an open mind, but initial reports don't look good for the cops. The Justice Department is supposed to keep tabs on office involved shootings, though I still can't find the data, but I am bet tase data is gonna be near impossible to find. Need legislation to force that I suppose.

  2. Tasing doesn't require inventory — shooting at least requires bullets (granted, you could bring your own from home). Officers could tase without the general public ever finding out, creating a disincentive for reporting the data properly.

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