DHS Progress Report: The Challenge of Reform | Immigration Policy Center

The Immigration Policy Center has released a report titled, “DHS Progress Report: The Challenge of Reform”.

In her first full week on the job, Secretary Napolitano issued a directive on immigration and border security, instructing every agency to thoroughly assess its current programs, resources, and efficiencies to identify areas in need of reform.1 As she told the members of the House Homeland Security Committee on February 25, 2009.

The results of these reviews have not been made public, so it is impossible to determine whether a rigorous self‐assessment took place, but the Department’s actions over the following year suggest that tinkering with the immigration enforcement regime rather than genuinely reforming it was the top priority of the Administration. While some progress has been made on enforcement and benefits issues, 2009 was largely about promises and aspirations. Whether DHS can make good on these promises remains to be seen.


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