People From Countries Tied to Terrorism Could ‘Potentially’ Enter USA

From CNSNews comes an article on people from “countries of special interest” who have been detained crossing the Mexican-American border illegally.

The specific numbers of individuals by country are labeled in the yearbook at the chapter, “Deportable Aliens Located by Region and Country of Nationality: Fiscal Year 2008.”

Afghanistan – 29
Algeria – 41
Cuba – 3,896
Iran – 98
Iraq – 118
Lebanon – 188
Liberia – 98
Libya – 11
Nigeria – 299
Pakistan – 494
Saudi Arabia – 71
Somalia – 66
Sudan – 46
Syria – 71
Yemen — 78

It makes sense to be concerned about this, but there is no reason to believe the border can be sealed shut. Instead, it makes more sense to institute an immigration system that encourages participation, rather than the draconian system we currently have. Doing so will make it easier for the authorities to determine if someone is here for good or bad intentions. The system we have now has no real mechanism of doing that other than to foolishly treat everyone as they might be a terrorist. I seem to recall “conservatives” making this complaint about our airport security, which does indeed seem illogical. I wonder why the double-standard? hmmm


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