Immigrants and wages

Most of what I have read on the impact that illegal immigration has on wages conforms to what Matthew Yglesias is saying. His final point makes perfect sense.

I do, however, agree with Sir Charles that both undocumented immigrants and those who compete with them in the labor market are seriously disadvantaged by the fact that, due to their immigration status, they have no meaningful way of enforcing their legal rights. This is one of several reasons to favor comprehensive immigration reform.

If those who claim they are against illegal immigration because of depressed wages then they should be the ones most in favor of comprehensive reform that creates a pathway to citizenship for those working here without authorization. By mainstreaming this underground source of labor, you undercut their greatest comparative advantage in the workplace. Yet, I suspect that those who use he argument of depressed wages really have an different motive.

JD Hayworth walking back on birthers

It looks like JD Hayworth, who is challenging McCain to be the GOP nominee for Senate, is trying to walk back to the middle (or away from the abyss) on the birther challenge.

McCain remains popular in Arizona and Rasmussen’s poll put McCain ahead of Hayworth with a comfortable lead. Hayworth’s seemingly new position on the birther issue suggests he finds little currency in the issue for even strong Republicans in Arizona, which supports Fred Solop’s quite reasonable claim that the birthers are a fringe group.

Latinos and the GOP

A few articles on Latinos and the GOP. With the exception of the presidential election, John McCain has done well with Latinos. I don’t know if a good showing among Latinos in the Senate election would be an indicator of growing support for the GOP among Latinos. JD Hayworth marks the old school, but his hardline stance on immigration still resonates with many Arizonans.

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