Gays and Latinos

Instapundit has this to say about the gay vote:

THOUGHTS ON gay rights and the G.O.P.’s future: “It’s not that we’re likely to crack more than 35% of the gay vote (well, maybe 40%). But, to win back the suburbs, Republicans can’t alienate suburbanites. And anti-gay attitudes don’t resonate with families who have known gay people in college –and maybe even in the workplace–and even in their own families.” Sounds right to me.

Sounds about right to me too, and this likely applies to Latinos as well. The only question is whether or not reaching out to these demographics will lose them more votes among the cultural purists than it will gain them among Latinos and gays. When, or if, the GOP reaches out to these groups, the challenge will be to be genuine enough to actually win over their votes. Here’s what I believe the GOP needs to do to gain more Latino votes. Its likely not much different to win over gay votes as well.


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