The Gay/Black "divide"

Dr. Sandoval is an assistant professor at Pomona College in Southern California. He has written an excellent post responding to the media’s attempt to create a rift between the gay community and the black community. I’ll quote a piece here, but please go to his site to read the entire post.

While we may be conditioned to think in terms of race/ethnic voting blocs, the notion that there is a “gay vs. Black” problem is ludicrous and, itself, a little white-centered. While “whiteness” often carries with it the notion of exceptionalism, let me assure you, queer folk come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. White folks aren’t the only gay and lesbian folks, making the sensibility behind (for example) the L.A. Times’ article “Gays, blacks divided on Proposition 8″ as silly as saying “Gays, whites divided on Proposition 8.” The analysis of “us versus them” in gay/straight and left/right terms, being merged with a white/black dichotomy, is very troubling and artificial.

I hope both the black community and the gay community, of which there is great crossover, will work towards a greater understanding on this issue.


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