Supreme Court and Voter Identification Laws

Currently, my work on voter identification laws is being used in briefs for two Supreme Court cases that were recently requested for review, Crawford v. Marion County Election Board and Indiana Democratic Party v. Rokita. We presented our paper at the American Political Science Association conference this past September. Using data from my exit poll in Orange County and exit polls from my co-authors, we find that poor, elderly and minorities are less likely to possess almost every form of identification we asked them about. Additionally, minorities were less likely to possess a state license and one other form of identification. To date, no other data of this kind exists (that we know of) and other studies we have seen use survey data which does not reliably predict turnout, particularly among minorities. Since our data consists of over four-thousand respondents as they exited the voting booths, we have a more precise measure of turnout and therefore a more accurate picture of which groups are more likely to possess several specific forms of identification.


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