Thomas Sowell on the Economy

Sowell writes on jolting the economy. As I believe, the current “crisis” is not economic, but political.

Thoughts about Thanksgiving

Thoughts on Thanksgiving. Another excellent piece by Professor Sandoval. If you haven’t already bookmarked LatinoLikeMe, you should.

Illegal immigration and the economy

Instapundit and Kausfiles seem to relish that the illegal immigrant “problem” is solving itself because the economy is in the tank. Thats weird, because I recall the argument being that illegal immigrants come here for the copious welfare benefits. Anyways, if there is indeed a connection between a hot economy and an increase in illegal immigrants seeking jobs (which is historically true), wouldn’t increased desire to migrate here be a good sign? As I’ve said in lectures, the day folks are no longer willing to risk their lives to come here is bad day for our economy.

Gays and Latinos

Instapundit has this to say about the gay vote:

THOUGHTS ON gay rights and the G.O.P.’s future: “It’s not that we’re likely to crack more than 35% of the gay vote (well, maybe 40%). But, to win back the suburbs, Republicans can’t alienate suburbanites. And anti-gay attitudes don’t resonate with families who have known gay people in college –and maybe even in the workplace–and even in their own families.” Sounds right to me.

Sounds about right to me too, and this likely applies to Latinos as well. The only question is whether or not reaching out to these demographics will lose them more votes among the cultural purists than it will gain them among Latinos and gays. When, or if, the GOP reaches out to these groups, the challenge will be to be genuine enough to actually win over their votes. Here’s what I believe the GOP needs to do to gain more Latino votes. Its likely not much different to win over gay votes as well.

Just another beaner who shouldn’t be here…

A few weeks back I posted why I was voting for McCain. The post pointed at immigration and was largely directed at Latinos. Some thought that I was misguided because Latinos are more than just an immigrant community. I wholly agree, but that doesn’t mean 3rd and 4th generation Latinos can act as if the immigration debate doesn’t touch them. A colleague at Pomona College posted an article from CNN describing how a Latino kid was attacked by the Ku Klux Klan because he “looked” like an illegal alien. There is no distinction between Latinos who are here legally or not, and racists really could care less, not to mention the government officials who carry out our draconian immigration laws. To those Latinos who think they are above this debate, take a look at Jordan Gruver. You are him. You’re just another beaner who shouldn’t be here.

Hugh Hewitt confuses me

Hugh Hewitt asks the next potential GOP Chairperson a few questions they should be able to answer to get the job. I found most of them interesting, but his third question in particular:

Why did the youth and Latino votes break decisively towards Barack Obama? How should the Republican Party address both demographics?

This is weird since Hewitt and other Orange County Republicans have spent the better part of two decades comparing Latinos seeking work to felons. There are ways to control the border that are consistent with the freedom of movement for labor, family unification, social integration and the entrepreneurial spirit. Unfortunately for the GOP, and consistent with the GOP’s refusal to practice what they preach, they could not have run a better campaign to repulse Latino voters if they had tried.

[Update] Oh yeah, and there is this.

The Gay/Black "divide"

Dr. Sandoval is an assistant professor at Pomona College in Southern California. He has written an excellent post responding to the media’s attempt to create a rift between the gay community and the black community. I’ll quote a piece here, but please go to his site to read the entire post.

While we may be conditioned to think in terms of race/ethnic voting blocs, the notion that there is a “gay vs. Black” problem is ludicrous and, itself, a little white-centered. While “whiteness” often carries with it the notion of exceptionalism, let me assure you, queer folk come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. White folks aren’t the only gay and lesbian folks, making the sensibility behind (for example) the L.A. Times’ article “Gays, blacks divided on Proposition 8″ as silly as saying “Gays, whites divided on Proposition 8.” The analysis of “us versus them” in gay/straight and left/right terms, being merged with a white/black dichotomy, is very troubling and artificial.

I hope both the black community and the gay community, of which there is great crossover, will work towards a greater understanding on this issue.


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